Let us help you make census easy and turn your data into dollars

Current, accurate population data ensures that your community receives maximum funds through population-based granting opportunities from Federal and Provincial governments. This award-winning tool has been specifically designed for municipal use.

Our dedicated team will work with your municipal staff to create a package that suits your needs including custom reports, technical support, and data storage in a secure Canadian facility and device rentals which include full cellular coverage at a price that fits your budget.

How does it work?

  • residents receive a secure access code
  • using the secure access code, residents answer online census questions
  • average survey takes less than two minutes
  • census generates current, accurate population data
  • real-time reporting and audit features ensure data accuracy and integrity
  • eliminates paper forms
  • online access reduces the number of door-to-door visits required
  • wireless devices used for door-to-door data collection
  • can be coupled with existing surveys or feedback tools
  • integrates with GIS for accurate community mapping

Find out what your community wants!

Take community engagement to the next level. Use for all your address-based community engagement and information gathering exercises.

Here's what our customers are saying

In 2018, the City of Grande Prairie conducted their first in house census. We retained the services from the City of Airdrie as the Application Service Provider until the end of July 2018. Throughout the process, Airdrie's technical team was quick to respond when we encountered technical challenges and offered extended support to the City of Grande Prairie when we had 'administrative' questions that were not initially covered under our contract with them. We found them to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. In some cases, going above and beyond to provide the extended support when we needed it. The team were amazing to deal with, very patient! Outstanding job Airdrie and the Census Ops team!

Valerie Norris-Kirk, City of Grand Prairie

If you're thinking of doing a municipal census, the online option is definitely the way to go! Airdrie has a great set up that was easy to use and quickly tailored to fit our needs. We will use them again!

Jill Heninger, Town of Cardston

Beaumont has engaged the City of Airdrie to provide online census services for the past three years. This approach eliminated the need for paper forms, improved security of census data and reduced the time needed to compile the reports and data once the census was complete. Airdrie's extensive knowledge and experience has always guaranteed the success of Beaumont's Annual Census. Beaumont is looking forward to working with Airdrie in the coming years!

Chelaine Winter, Town of Beaumont

The City of Fort Saskatchewan has used Airdrie's Online Census Program since 2012. The program is very user-friendly and allows the City's residents to complete their census information online in minutes. The program also enables our enumerators to electronically collect data accurately at the doors through the use of an iPad. The service provided by the Online Census Support Team is exceptional, from setting-up the program to training and customer support. The Online Census Program allows the City to collect useful Census data for the future planning of transportation, parks, schools and protective services, which supports proactive strategic planning for the City.

Sheryl Exley, City of Fort Saskatchewan

Using the Census online was simple and user-friendly for enumerators and the public. We hope to use it again for our next municipal census.

Danie Lagemaat, Town of Greenview

The Town of Crossfield's decision to use the City of Airdrie's online census program in 2010 was a very wise one. The whole process was very easy. With the data collected electronically, be it the residents completing the census online, or the enumerators collecting data with iPads, the responses were collected more accurately and more efficiently. The Online Census support team from the City of Airdrie was very knowledgeable and quick to respond to any requests. The Online Census will definitely be used for our next census.

Robert Boettcher, Town of Crossfield